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This article details what is currently known of the distribution network for DAB in Kent and is based largely on information in the planning applications for the transmitter sites now operational. Corrections are welcomed.

It is assumed that similar solutions are used elsewhere in the UK.

At the end of 2012 the following sites were operational: [this should be in a table]

For the BBC: Bluebell Hill, Chartham, Thanet, Dover, Wye, Charing, Tunbridge Wells, Wrotham

For Digital One: Bluebell Hill, Faversham, Chartham, Thanet, Dover, Wye, Tunbridge Wells, Wrotham

For the Kent local multiplex: Bluebell Hill, Chartham, Thanet, Wye, Tunbridge Wells

Planning documents disclose the following SHF links:

Charing: 0.6m VHLP2-130 @33.2m bearing 102 (Wye); 0.8m VHLP2.5-130 @32.0m bearing 261 (Tunbridge Wells); 0.6m VHLP2-142 @22.65m bearing 068 (Chartham)

Faversham: 0.6m @35m bearing 272 (Bluebell Hill); 0.6m @30m bearing 198 (Charing)

Thanet: 1.2m @26m bearing 246 (Chartham); 0.6m @35m bearing 198 (Dover)

Dover: 06.m VHLP2-130 @50/7m bearing 018 (Thanet)

Tunbridge Wells: 0.6m @26m bearing 042 (assumed Bluebell Hill); 1.2m @26m bearing 081 (assumed Charing)

Wye: [faces Charing]

Chartham: ???